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$25.00 gift certificate for Flowers and more!

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Tue, Sep 25
8:00 am

Get a $25.00 gift certificate for Blooms Cornwall and start enjoying beautiful flower arrangements today!

One gift card per client, per visit.

Blooms is a back to basics “Flower Shop”, owned and operated by Rachelle Lamoureux.  Rachelle has 15 years’ experience in floral design from Ottawa to Montreal to Cornwall.  She creates traditional as well as modern and exotic arrangements.  Blooms offer fresh flowers with access to flowers from around the world.  They also carry plants, hanging plants, gourmet baskets and more.  You can purchase a ready-made arrangement on display or you can pick and choose your flowers and your vase and have the arrangement made specific to your likes to make it extra special! 


Rachelle is happy to meet with brides-to-be and discuss wedding bouquets.  We also take special attention to all funeral arrangements from casket sprays, urn pieces, family pieces and more.  Come visit Blooms and watch as flowers are transformed into beautiful, creative designs right in front of you.   All consultations are free. 


410 Cumberland St, Cornwall, ON – K6J 5C4

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