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I can't remember my username, how do I retrieve it?

There is a "Forgot Username" link on our login page. You will need to provide your first name, email and date of birth to retrieve it.

I can't remember my password, how do I retrieve it?

There is a "Forgot Password" link on our login page. You will need to provide your username, email address and answer the security question you created with your profile to reset it.

I can't remember my security question and answer, how do i retrieve it?

Remember that these are case sensitive. You will have to provide the proper spelling of the answer as it was originally submitted when you created your profile.

If you are still unable to answer the question correctly, please email us at 

Why can't I buy from the Durham Region anymore?

We have ended the program in Oshawa.

If you wish to continue shopping great deals, we invite you to shop Peterborough, Cornwall, Kingston and Ottawa.

My profile region was set to Durham Region. If I buy something, can I pick it up in Durham Region?

Unfortunately no. Durham Region is no longer an active pick up region or retailer for HPT deals.

If you have HPT purchases that have yet to be picked up from prior sales - please do so as soon as you can. Anything left for more than 60 days may be returned to the vendor or cancelled/voided.

You can log in and choose another profile region closest to you, but keep in mind that if you do not pay for shipping directly to your home, the certificates will be waiting for you at the 'profile region' in your personal profile. (See waiting time FAQ's about pick up and delivery ETA's).

We recommend that you choose shipping to your home, that way you can continue shopping with Half Price Tuesdays no matter where you live (provided the offers are businesses that you are close to, or travelling to, of course!)!

What credit cards do you accept for payment?

In terms of making payment for a Gift Certificate, we currently accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

How long do I have to wait to PICK UP my purchased certificates?

If you purchased within your profile region - Pick up begins on the following Thursday - 2 business days.

Please note that some regions have minor pick-up restrictions due to hours of operations - please read your email confirmation of your purchase in entirety. 

If you purchased from outside of your profile region (i.e your profile selection is Kingston, and you bought vouchers from Ottawa) - please allow 10 business days to pick up at the region you selected in your profile. 

How long do I wait for my purchased gift certificates to be SHIPPED to me, if I've paid for the shipping cost?

If you purchased within your profile region - shipping begins on the following day - please allow 5-10 business days for delivery.

If you purchased from outside of your profile region (i.e your profile selection is Kingston, and you bought vouchers from Ottawa) - please allow a minimum of 15 business days for delivery of your certificates.

I've bought some gift certificates! Can I use them right away? Are they an e-voucher?

We sell real, tangible certificates from the local businesses, not e-vouchers, so with that, it also means that we need a few days to process the sales, do the paperwork, and sort the Gift Cards to be accurately ready to be picked up at our station or mailed out.

None of our offers are e-vouchers, and the email confirmation you recieve is proof of purchase but is not your gift certificate or voucher.

Please print the email confirmation of your purchase to use to pick up your purchased certificates.If it is being shipped to you, no need to print it off, but please do read it, so you know when to expect your purchases in the mail.

How much does the delivery cost?

There will be a $12 shipping fee added to all orders requiring shipping.

Any orders not requiring shipping will need to be picked up at the location selected when your profile was created.

When you finish your order, your confirmation will contain instructions with where to pick up, or if being shipped, will display the shipping address.

Can I make a purchase without setting up a user profile?

No, all purchases must now be made using a user profile.

Why do I need to set up a user profile?

User profiles are required for security purposes and to allow you to log in and store your contact details.

Because we are a countdown-based purchase website, we ask you to set up your profile with your credit card information before Tuesday at 8am when each sale day opens, for these reasons:

  • Your credit card information is pre-verified as entered correctly, allowing you to log in and QUICKLY make a  purchase! Many offers go very fast!
  • By having your information correctly entered & saved, there shouldn't be any errors when you select and follow through with a purchase (it auto-fills your information), eliminating either your frustration or the wait time for a response to your assistance request, if you enter incorrect information.

  • By creating a profile, it is easier for us to track your purchase, assist with any purchasing questions or changes, and allow us to help you more efficiently when the time arises. 

I think I've signed up, but when I try to log in to purchase, it tells me "user not found." Why?

Your profile and account have not been fully completed. One more step to go!

When you register, and submit all of your contact info, and billing info, you will recieve an email that asks you to CONFIRM your account.
You must complete the email confirmation to be able to log in and purchase. 

Please keep an eye on your junk or spam folders. Check there for the email you need to complete the process.
Subsequently, you can edit your inbox settings to allow emails from us in the future (purchase confirmations). Ask a techy savvy friend for help if you need to!

It is also possible that you are typing the incorrect username or login info. The log in process IS case and punctuation sensitive, so make sure your Caps Lock isn't on and you are entering the correct information.

Also, if it's an email username, make sure you type out the entire email (including the dot com). 

There are prompts to follow too, if you have forgotten your username or password - try that before emailing us. We also reccomend you download an app that stores all of your passwords - it is a life-saver and there are many great ones out there, even for free!

Can I set up more than one user profile using the same credit card?

You can only set up one profile for any credit card in your name.

I tried to set up a profile and received a message that my card information was duplicated.

You can only set up one profile for any credit card in your name. For this reason it is advised that you not let anyone set up a profile using a card in your name as it may interfere with your ability to create a profile.

I successfully set up my profile, but my transaction is being declined. Why can’t I buy anything?

When your profile is set up a soft credit check is done against the card to verify that it is valid before storing it in a profile. If your transactions are being declined there may be conditions on your card that are preventing the internet order. Contact your card issuer for more information on why you are being declined.

Does my gift certificate have an expiry date?

If we do not post an expiry date under 'Offer Conditions" with a certain offer, then there is no expiry date on said certificate.

We encourage our local businesses to not restrict with expiry dates, however, some may need them due to the nature of the offer.

We do our best to read all the fine print on each offer and input it accordingly into the offer conditions, but occasionally we may miss one. If you find that you want to be sure, you can contact the region directly (phone or email), ask for the person who is in charge of the HPT certificates to verify that there is or isn't an expiry on a specific offer.

I lost my Gift Certificate, or someone took it! Can I get a new one?

Half Price Tuesdays is not responsible for lost or stolen certificates. We hope you find it, though!

How do I retrieve my gift certificate?

Certificates can either be picked up or shipped. If you are picking up your certificates, they will be picked up from the region address you selected when creating your profile. Pick up addresses will also be displayed in your confirmation email.

How long do I have to retrieve my gift certificate from my pick-up location?

30 days from time of purchase online.

After 30 days, we will send you a friendly reminder email to come pick up your purchases. If you do not pick them up within the timeline outlined in your reminder email, Half Price Tuesdays reserves the right to re-distribute unclaimed certificates as we see fit.

Please NOTE that purchases are NOT at the vendor location. Your pick up location will be outlined in your confirmation email and is also the profile region you have chosen in your HPT profile.

How many certificates can I purchase?

Up to 2 certificates of each offer listed may be purchased per day.

Are there any conditions on the certificates?

Generally, most certificates contain the same stipulations such as:
No Cash Value or
Not to be used with any other promotion or offer.

Any other conditions will be listed on the certificate (and we'll do our best to make sure that each are reflected under the 'offer conditions' per offer.

These conditions are determined by the vendor, and if you have any questions about them, you can contact the offering company directly.

I completed my purchase. Why haven't I received confirmation in my email?

If you haven't received email confirmation of your purchase, check your spam filter and check to make sure your mail provider's service is not "down". Also, check with your system administrator or look at your firewall setting to ensure that you can receive the confirmation. Sometimes, a mail message may become corrupted and will be "thrown out" altogether, or a mail service can be down and omit messages. If you have checked the above and still are concerned about your confirmation, contact our support email.

I tried to purchase a certificate, and there were some left on the screen, but message came up telling me I didn't get one. Why did this happen?

The window that shows how many gift certificates are left, updates every 15 seconds, during that time there's the potential for many people to try and purchase a certificate. Our process works on a basis of first come first serve.

When do the purchase buttons show up and how does my computer display them?

The buttons get added to the website right at 8:00 a.m., but if you are waiting for the server to automatically update your open page, it might not be happening quick enough to allow you to purchase a gift certificate. You can try clicking your browser refresh button right at 8:00 a.m., or even a few seconds before. This refreshes the counter on the page.

Can I return my gift certificate after I have purchased it?

All sales are final and no refunds will be issued.

I pressed the complete transaction button and I received an error message. Did my transaction go through?

Occasionally, due to heavy traffic on the Internet, a communication error can occur, generating the error on our pages. Our system will generate these errors if it detects anything abnormal to help protect against fraud. If you did not receive an email confirmation that your credit card has been charged for the purchase, then the transaction did not go through (see Spam Filters, Firewalls, Corrupted Messages).

When I click the purchase button on the home page, nothing happens or a blank page or blank form comes up, why can't I purchase a gift certificate?

This can happen for a couple of reasons. Your browser may have timed out or there may be a connection error between your Internet Service Provider's Server and our Servers. Also, you may be using a browser that's not supported.

What Browsers are supported?

In general, we support the last two versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Do I need to accept cookies and do I need to accept pop-up windows?

Yes, you need to accept cookies and you must make sure that any pop-up blockers are turned off. Once you have completed your transaction, you can turn pop-up blockers back on.

How do I know that I've purchased a gift certificate?

You should receive confirmation in your email of your purchase. You should print out this confirmation as you will need to present it when you pick up your certificate. If you are not receiving confirmation see Spam Filters, Firewalls, Corrupted Messages in this FAQ.

I finished the purchasing process, and the screens told me that I purchased a certificate but it did not email me a confirmation?

On rare occasions communication errors between the process Server and the payment Server can cause a purchase request to be terminated, or if the window is closed too soon once the credit card number is submitted this can also cause the transaction to be terminated. In both cases this is done to prevent fraud or accidental purchases. If you believe that your purchase was successful and don't have a confirmation email, see the FAQ questions dealing with email confirmation.

Is your site secure?

All payment information is processed via an encrypted secure bank payment portal. For our privacy policy, see our home page.

How often does the remaining gift certificate window update?

This window updates every 15 seconds.

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